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     I donate a great deal of time getting to high school games to take that memorable shot. I do not charge for use of digital images on social networking sites. I simply ask that the water mark is left in tack to help support me. Enlargements are available at a minimal cost.

     It is my mission to see to it that participating students have a digital memory, even those whose families are struggling financially and cannot afford it. Finances are a private matter, and I do not believe in making a student 'qualify' for memories.

     The concept is, if everyone gives a little, all students can have that special digital image. Please help me get that memory into their hands. It makes the sports events more excitiing. It doesn't matter who wins or looses.It matters that they give it their all, and  have fun doing it. In the meantime, I try to reward them with that sideline shot to take with them into the furture.



  • On a large scale, please help me with funds for a low-light Cannon sports lens. Click here for sample
  • Larger chip for video. click here for sample
  • If you have a lens sitting around that you no longer use and you wish to donate, or sell at low cost, I will graciouly accept it.
  • Equipment backpack. Click here for sample
  • On a small scale, I need donations for gas to get me to the games. My time is donated, but I have yet to find a gas station willing to donate the fuel.Click here for sample.
Gas and supplies
Goal: $1500.00 Started: September 6, 2012
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Donations go to gas, supplies, and equipment.

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