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Anclote Staff and Students

Posted by flesheatingphotos on November 9, 2012 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I want to thank everyone at my school that went all out to gather donations to get my malfunctioned lens replaced. Due to your efforts I am now able to get to those sports events and capture that special moment! The support and praise of all those at my school really let me know just how much you appreciate the long hours of sidelines and photo editing!

Keep smiling! You just might see me there supporting you as you support me !!

Release required for publication

Posted by flesheatingphotos on September 7, 2012 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

All images used in any publications, such as newspapers, and yearbooks, must have a release due to contiuned abuse and failure to give proper credit. Come on people! It's free ! What more can you ask for?  Don't take my work and try to pass it off as your's. Doing so, shows huge character flaws! I work really hard trying to get images into your hands, don't make me regret it. If you want a picture in your paper or yearbook, contact me so that I can give permission. I am not giving away copyrights. Perhaps, I would like a copy of the article or yearbook, or digital work that the image will be displayed in. If used on your school website, perhaps I would like to go see it. It's nice to know that people enjoy the image enough to want to reprint it. Give me the oppurtunity to see my work in your 'spot light' . But I can't do that if I am not informed, or if—(SHAME ON THOSE THAT ARE) —individauls are submitting work without giving me credit, which often implies that it is was taken by someone other than me. A photographer knows their work. Remember, I have the original image.

For the most part, I have not had a problem in this area. School websites are wonderful about giving credit! THANKS! But recently, I have been finding my trademark images "popping up." Zombies do that ya know...just when ya think its dead...and no one cares....it pops back up !!

 <Frowns> Don't make me turn the zombies loose people!!! They byte, and because you have been warned, their teeth are weapons of war ! 

My Wish List

Posted by flesheatingphotos on September 3, 2012 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

For the parents that want me to record the games I need a bigger chip to do so, this is a great price for a 64-gb.
I need a bigger bag to put my equiptment in so here's a cheap bag.
And here's a telephoto lens for night shots, I can use for sports photos. I am DYING for this lens, have been since I started shooting football. The local canon shop on main street had it for cheaper and did offer me a student discount but I just don't have the money.

One year prememium for my website: $4 a month.

Here's my paypal account info send your donations to [email protected]

JV & Varsity games

Posted by flesheatingphotos on September 3, 2012 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Unfortunately if you would like me to attend JV games, I would need donation in advance. There is a huge personal sacrafice attending games that are mid-week. I have to plan and prepare for JV games because they're on a Thursday and Varsity is on a Friday. With school the next day, it usually takes me two days to do photos. So if you would like me to do JV games, I would need money to attend in advance.If you are donating for the JV events specifically, please specify that it is donated for JV shots. Also, please email me in advance if you wish I attend a specific JV date to make sure that I do not already have something on my calander. There is a minimum donation of $25 for these events.

Thank you.:roll: